My Mission


To travel.
To know people.
To see as much as possible.
To give of myself.
To discover myself.
To live with passion.
To make art.
To hike until I know those woods.
To photograph it all.
To write about it.


I am not after money, or credentials.
I am simply after my journey.
I am exploring everything my soul feels drawn to.
I will not compare myself.
I will not keep up with the Jones’, or live next to them.
I will experience all that I can, and share as I see fit.
I will not worry about the future.
I am living my life to the fullest and grateful for each new day.
I love people.
I will embrace negative feelings, accept them, and move on.
I will leave toxic places behind and take only their lessons with me.
I am living in the moment.
I make the choice to be happy and grateful.


It’s only one life, Penny. Only one time, and that is now. RIGHT NOW. Don’t write to serve others. Write to serve yourself and that gnawing feeling in your gut that tells you to solidify your thoughts. People say you’re awesome.  Maybe…maybe not – but it doesn’t matter. None of the accolades or criticism matter. Write your story for you. You can re-read it later. And a book you write may be a book you publish someday, but chances are, they will be two completely different books. So for now, just write. Write anything. Write everything. Write for you…write it all. You are already in flight. Make the captain’s log.